Because I’m tired of disrespect. Not from young troublemakers. But from older generations and power possessing people who expect us to be seen and not heard.

We were raised by an intelligent generation who taught us that instead of getting comfortable with the status quo, we should always question the norm and ask, “Why?” So we did. And we them pissed off.

Respect needs to go both ways. Currently, it’s expected to go upward. Children to parents. Employees to bosses. And unfortunately there is still an upward slope in many places, from women to men and people of colour to white folks. Or in India, where I come from, darker browns, to lighter browns. Feel free to roll your eyes.

If you’re a young, coloured woman/girl who works (or isn’t allowed to work), you have my heart. You are on the lower end of every slope and I am here, mainly for you.

So until we get to a level playing field, we need focus our respect ‘downward,’ until the ground is even.

In all of this downward disrespect, we are becoming increasingly disrespectful to ourselves and to the world around us. We need to learn self-respect and reclaim our responsibility to the Earth and its not-human inhabitants.

Nothing new here. It’s called feminism, children’s rights, anti-racism, environmentalism, etc. I’m just adding my voice to the multitude who care. And I’m hoping to build a new tribe for people like me, who give a crap about #counterculturalrespect for the reasons I do.

Furthermore, I like writing (poetry, letters, blog posts, hopefully a book) and I like God, hence my little spiritual project you will see below. Can’t do any of this without that.

Sneha xx