Being a perfectionist when my kid asks me to read to her

Last week, I walked past my daughter’s room to see her on her daddy’s lap, as he butchered through one of her picture books. He wasn’t reading any of the words on the page. I laughed, appreciating his creativity.

It dawned on me that I restrict myself so much when I read to her. I read the words on the page, exactly as they are. And sometimes, if I’m feeling a little wild, I’ll point to characters or creatures on the page and name them.


She loves it when both of us read to her but I’m envious of the way my husband can just let loose and make up a story that is so different to the one that has been written out, using the pictures as inspiration.

Maybe it’s because I feel the need to honour the words the author has written? I guess I also feel like my imagination has been suffering a little lately. I used to be a day-dreamer and my imagination was amazing.

Either way, I really need to loosen up right now!

As a perfectionist, do you ever find yourself in a similar boat? Do you have any tips for strengthening your imagination? And helping it grow wilder? Comment below.

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