What does beauty look like to you?

To many people in the world, actually, perhaps to the majority of people in the world, beauty is synonymous with one’s outward attractiveness including, their hairstyle, makeup, choice of clothing, body shape and so on.

The most important question on the topic however, is, what does beauty look like to you?

Let me tell you what it looks like to me. I divide it into 4 parts; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Here’s what I mean by that:


  • It’s beautiful to see you doing the best you can, on most days, to work towards an optimal state of health for your body type. This includes eating well, sleeping well and exercising in ways that are possible for you and bring you enjoyment.


  • It’s beautiful to know that you are making it a priority, as much as you possibly can and where it is within your control, to live in a way that reduces mental stress and increases mindfulness and peace of mind. [Related video: 4 ways to feel less busy]


  • It’s beautiful when you aspire to be as self-aware as you possibly can, in order to be able to efficiently and effectively name your emotions and process them in a healthy way. This puts you in a position to be able to help those in your close relationships to do the same.


  • It’s beautiful to find yourself as you seek after this higher power, this God who made you. For me, there has been nothing more precious or rewarding than pursuing a relationship with my creator. This looks different for everyone. You can read more about my spiritual journey here.

  • One of the most beautiful things on the planet is seeing one human being recognise the humanity, dignity and worth in another and to outwardly give of themselves for the well being of the other.

Ask what feels beautiful more often than you ask what looks beautiful.

Also, ask yourself what you think beauty looks like? You might be inspired by my definition above or you might come up with something else. If you do, please feel free to share it in the comments below.

I marvel at the creative abilities of fashion designers, makeup artists (I was one myself) , and others in the fashion and ‘beauty’ industry who so intelligently explore their craft. I hope they will continue to inspire us in their chosen art form. However, their work is a form of creativity, not a way to make you more beautiful.

If you think beauty can be achieved by altering the outside of a human being, I encourage you to think again and think harder. Culture tells us that beauty is all about outward appearance. I challenge you to think counter-culturally and find your own, deeper definition of beauty.

If we are defining beauty in superficial terms, then that beauty is superficial. Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Change the lens, redefine then behold your own beauty. I don’t see how you can be disappointed when you see it that way.

I don’t even have to see you to tell you that you’re beautiful, just the way you are. I believe that your incredible beauty is an inevitable consequence of being created by a being who is the source of all genius and artistic ability.

That is my belief, you may disagree. Or you may agree but you’d rather hear it from Bruno Mars than from me.

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