What do you look like when you're not trying to look perfect?

This TEDx talk got me so inspired to think about how I want to ‘show up in the world.’

I’ve studied the colours that suit my tanned skin tone. I am well aware of which haircuts complement my round face. I also know which fabrics, styles and cuts are most flattering on my body.

With this knowledge, it’s easy to hold myself to a standard of perfection when I’m getting dressed (ending up disappointed much of the time because a lot of my nicer clothes are not nursing-friendly).

But after watching the above talk given by Stasia Savasuk, I decided to put the above pieces of knowledge in an imaginary handbag and only take them out when I want to.

The rest of the time, I decided, I’m just going to present myself according to what makes me feel great and not what I know others say will make me look great.

So I went out and chopped a bunch of my hair off. I didn’t make any changes to my makeup routine because I’m happy with it (it still takes less than 5 minutes). I bought a few new breastfeeding-friendly tops that go with my mostly minimalist wardrobe because I like clothes that feel easy and breezy (n.b. tops that I plan to keep for decades if possible because fast fashion is dumb and adding to landfill/marine degradation is dumb).

I felt like a million bucks. And I had absolutely no regard for what others might have thought.

How would you show up in the world if you didn’t care for the rules?

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