What words have others spoken over you as a child that have stuck?

Ever had something like that said to you?

Maybe it was true at the time but it doesn’t have to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for the rest of your life.

And sometimes, when you look back on your life hard enough, you’ll realise that in many cases, it never did hold true.

As a child, I would get excited about the crazy, imaginative ideas that came to mind and make a grand start on every new project. And much of the time, I would get distracted halfway; leaving them unfinished. An adult in my life pointed out on a few occasions that I was good at starting things but never at finishing them.

Were their words true? Mostly, yes. Were they encouraging, empowering or even wise? No, not at all. This person had unrealistic expectations of a child with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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I grew up believing this about myself and consequently believed that I’d never amount to anything because I wasn’t putting much in the ‘done’ box.

The reality has been quite the opposite. I started my degrees at university and finished them, even though it took an excruciating eight years. I started married life with my best friend and we’re still committed to each other. We started paying off our mortgage when we bought a house six years ago and have successfully followed through on our ongoing responsibility to pay off our loan. The list goes on.

Now, I’ve begun a career in writing, blogging and making encouraging videos on YouTube. Only a few months into the journey, I have already felt like giving up once or twice. It will probably happen again, but I am determined to push through those moments and keep going. I made this video about my latest hurdle last night.

Interestingly, the lesson I’ve learned in it all has been that, we all start things on our own. Ideas begin with individuals. But with most things, we never finish them on our own. We finish with others. You and I might set something in motion but the end result will almost always come about because we had help; because of teamwork.

You might think you can accomplish something all on your own but there’s always someone in the background, enabling you in some way. Even if the enabling has nothing to do with the project at hand.

I make and edit my own videos (even if they feature another person). I write on my own. I blog on my own. But never for a second can I think that I managed it all by myself. I am held up by a wonderful support system in my family. And endlessly inspired, equipped and carried by a God who cares.

So yeah, I’m good at starting things. And yeah, I’ll never finish them on my own. But I AM going to finish the race with my loved ones or my team alongside me. I’ll finish.

What words have others spoken over you as a child that have stuck, for better or for worse?