The Fruit in the Process

Do you give much thought to the value of the process regardless of the end product? It's a difficult thing for perfectionists to do.

Even if you do enjoy much of the work you put my hands to, is that because you can envision the final outcome? Would you enjoy it as much if you knew the process may bear little or no fruit afterwards? Or at least, not in the way you'd hoped?

What if the fruit simply came from the doing?

Can you give yourself permission to engage wholeheartedly in an endeavour if all that came of it was a strengthening of your character or an enlarging of your spirit?

It feels good to have a go at something, without the aim of ‘winning’. Although, technically you are a winner at the end, if you consider it a valuable process in and of itself.

What will you do this week that puts value back into the process, as opposed to the end goal? Comment below. 

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