Take a break

I have returned from my week-long writing break. I recently entered a writing competition and sharing my own story really took it out of me. I stopped writing my book, my poetry, my blog, everything! And I couldn't be happier that I did. My family and I made some precious memories during this time.

If you're feeling tired of work, study, volunteering, parenting or whatever you've been pouring your time and energy into, can I encourage you to take a break? It can be 1 day or 1 week (or more) - whatever works for you. Make a to-do list of self-love activities. Try not to focus on chores that need doing, unless it honestly rejuvenates you. Sometimes the idea of self-care can feel so foreign because we don't afford ourselves enough of it.

I hope you will make time for a proper, quality break, even a short one. If you’re out of ideas, here is a list of things you can do:

  • Watch a movie

  • Read a book or magazine

  • Go for a walk

  • Drink your favourite herbal tea

  • Light a candle

  • Take some deep breaths and count them

  • Call a close friend just for the heck of it

  • Write a letter

  • Write one page in your journal starting with the word, ‘Yesterday…’

  • Hang out in nature

  • Buy and arrange some fresh flowers on your desk or coffee table

  • Draw a picture

  • Write an acrostic poem using your full name

That should be good enough to get you started.

Culture tells you to keep going without stopping for yourself. Be counter-cultural. You matter too.