Staying Motivated

Most long-term projects will see you feeling stuck or demotivated at some point. It’s natural and it happens to everyone. Here are some tips I shared in my latest video that have helped me to keep going with writing my memoir.

These tips can be applied universally so I hope that you find them helpful, even if your project has nothing to do with writing. Here we go:

  1. Know your WHY

    Is the reason why you’re doing this, good enough for you? Is the intrinsic motivation for the end-goal, noble? Think about the driving passion behind your project. If it’s roots are found in your core set of values, you’ll want to keep going even when it gets tough.

  2. Find your tribe; become part of their community

    There are bound to be others out there who have similar interests or goals that relate to your project. Find them. Try using MeetUp or see if there’s a Facebook group you could join.

    Research related workshops or courses in your area. These are great places to start building relationships with like-minded people. You can encourage each other and share ideas along the journey.

  3. Celebrate what you have achieved so far

    Take the time to stop and look back at how far you’ve come. We can be so focused on the vision in front of us that we lose sight of what the progress we have already made. Sometimes, looking back is enough to jolt you back into action; the urge to keep building on what you’ve already established.

  4. Fill up your spiritual cup

    This has been a primary motivator when the going has gotten tough in my project. You may have different spiritual beliefs to mine. For me, I feel called to do what I am doing and I feel like God is equipping and encouraging me to keep going.

    It almost feels like a ‘burden’ (not in a bad way); an inner urge to make this happen. So, as I’m struggling, it helps to keep going back to God and being like, “Hi, I need help AGAIN. Thank you in advance for the millionth time.”

  5. Keep educating yourself

    Listen to podcasts, read books, watch videos, find articles; anything that will stimulate your creative thinking and further inform you about the world in which your project will live. Even when you feel as though you physically cannot continue working on this, your brain can keep going. The helpful tips you gain along the way will assist when you get started again.

  6. Stay true to who you are

    It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison. Guard yourself from going down that treacherous path. Just stop yourself as soon as you can. It happens. Talk to someone close to you when you feel like you’re going down that road.

    You need to be you. The project you’re working on will be most glorious and unique when it’s infused with yourself. And you’ll do best when you’re doing it the way you do. Don’t ever try to change your approach to imitate someone else. You can glean from their wisdom and their advice but you still need to be you.

Hope you find that helpful my friends. Let me know in the comments below what you’re working on at the moment. How do you keep motivated? If you’re demotivated, tell me about it - I’ll do my best to encourage you.

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