Quitting cold turkey

I’ve tried to quit sugar before. I write that as I sit here with my hot chocolate.

What about you? Have you tried to jump on the #iquitsugar bandwagon before, only to find yourself unable to walk past Rhonda’s birthday cake in the staff kitchen?

You believe in the reasons for quitting sugar, which is why you sign up for the challenge without a second thought. Then you find yourself shoving ice cream in your gob the next day, because it’s hot outside. 

Here are 4 tips that have worked for me in reducing the amount of sugar I eat:

  1. Mix the flavoured version in with the plain version. I used to hate the taste of plain yoghurt so I would have half a portion of vanilla yoghurt mixed in. Half became a quarter and a few weeks later, I no longer needed the vanilla yoghurt at all. 

  2. Replace refined sugar. Now, I know that there really isn’t that much of a difference between refined sugar and syrups. The way that it helped me was that 1 tbsp of rice malt syrup tasted less sweet that 1 tbsp of sugar on my oats. Eventually, the need for that much sweetness wore off. 1 tbsp became 1 tsp. 

  3. Change dessert up. Instead of ice cream, try ‘clean’ anzac biscuits with herbal tea. I like this recipe.

  4. If you’re really, really craving something high in sugar, just have it. Or you’ll substitute it with ten other things before you cave in and end up having what you initially wanted anyway.

If number 4 is a regular occurrence, you owe it to yourself to dig deeper and find out why you’re craving sweet things so often. Is it anxiety related? Speak to someone who can help.

Perfectionists are quick to decide on a cold turkey approach. We do it for a little while. We fail. We beat ourselves up. We repeat.

Stop it. Try a gentler, more sustainable way next time, whether it’s with sugar or anything else in your life.

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