Just be

I went to a friend’s house today. From the moment she opened the front door to welcome me in, I could see that her face was more tired than I had ever seen before. Later, she confided in me that she was feeling numb and exhausted from constantly doing. And that she had not spent enough time being.

It happens to everyone, myself included. If that is you right now, can I encourage you to ask yourself, is all of the doing worth it? Sometimes you have to work your arse off to make something happen and that’s a good thing.

But, I’m talking about those times when you’re operating on autopilot and can’t stop yourself from saying yes when you should be saying no. When you’re trying so hard to put in the perfect event or get your house in perfect order, for example.

Try this:

  1. Say no to the next few things that come up, where they interfere with your bigger picture goals.

  2. Make time for a date with yourself. Actually write it into your diary or calendar.

  3. Say no to anything that comes up between now and then that will cut into that appointment you made.

  4. Go on the date and show yourself some love. Don’t use the time to catch up on un-ticked boxes. Use it to nourish yourself. Try reading, hang out with a close friend, go to the movies, do some writing, go wander about in the city on your own, go to a day spa, paint your nails, pray. Just do whatever refreshes you.

  5. Tell yourself you had a good time and you would love to do that again. Get out the calendar and stick your next date in. And be stubborn about it.

Culture says it’s good to always be busy. Be counter-cultural. Slow down (slow down ≠ be lazy).

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