It still counts!

As a perfectionist, I am prone to discounting my efforts if they were imperfectly carried out.

For example, when doing low intensity steady-state workouts, I would feel like I have to do the full 40 minute walk in one go. If I stopped to pick up groceries halfway, I wouldn’t count the first 20 minutes, because I would ‘break’ the steady state. Then I’d have to start again. It’s ridiculous and so disheartening!

But that’s how obsessive I used to be about getting things perfect.

It’s better to walk 20 minutes, stop over for groceries then do another 20 rather than to do 40 minutes without picking up my groceries. That would have pushed me back with making dinner and would have been less efficient use of time.

Of course, if time permits, I’d prefer to have an uninterrupted workout without having to run errands during it. However, that is not always possible with a toddler so I need to be kind to myself and not discount my efforts.

20 minutes is not nothing! It still counts!

Little bite-sized pieces of progress still matter! Just like bite-sized pieces of complacency will take you backwards over time. It all makes a difference. Don’t discount, or worse, nullify your efforts.

In which areas of your life can you afford to be more gracious to yourself? What have you been discounting that needs counting?