Becoming a writer with a baby in tow

My father recalls an Indian saying,"When a baby is born, the mother undergoes a rebirth of her own." This has been true for me; I recognised the writer who has existed in me, waiting to express herself for a very long time. Counting the cost of allowing her voice to be heard, I drew the conclusion (which I  have since withdrawn) that becoming a writer would simply be too challenging an endeavour with a newborn.

I am learning that while this is no easy feat with a miniature human requiring a great deal of my attention, it is certainly possible.

4 things that have helped:

1. Reading when my baby refuses to go to sleep without me.

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” - Stephen King

There are times when my daughter prefers to fall asleep in my company. I can breastfeed lying down or sit next to her while she drifts off. Both are done with a book in hand.

I also have a book in the glove box of my car as she often falls asleep on a drive. When we arrive at our destination, I push my seat back, lie down, open the window and relax with my book. And if I'm busting to wee, well, that's when those pelvic floor exercises come in handy. #mumlife

2. Writing early in the morning or late at night while everyone is asleep. Provided that I have not endured a night of disturbed sleep, I will wake at 5:30am, set myself up with a cup of tea and begin.

3. Listening to podcasts during walks. For these 30-40 minutes, I listen to a writer's podcast. It helps to listen at 1.5x speed. The information shared in these podcasts are invaluable for learning more about the industry I am moving in to.

4. Attending online writing courses or workshops. Attending day-long workshops in the CBD is impracticable at the moment.  It will be achievable in coming months and I look forward to this, as I crave time with other writers! Meanwhile, I am finding online resources very helpful.