Are you surrounded by eggshells?

Does your perfectionism extend to the communities you are a part of, by way of the standards you expect your interactions with others to meet?

Your expectations are like eggshells you place on the ground around you. And you can probably tolerate two broken eggshells. But then the third one gets stepped on and you’re out of there!

Whether it’s at your gym, your workplace, your parents group, your spiritual community or a shop where you’re a regular customer; you’ll keep going as long as the experience is pleasant. Then when someone pushes the wrong button, that’s it, you’re out. I’m never going back there again!

Perhaps you don’t want to hang around and let your reputation get tarnished? Or maybe it just hurts too much to go back? Sometimes you don’t have to. Other times, you recognise the long-term benefit of persisting and become a part of the solution, even if it does mean more frustration.

Is there something you’re thinking of running away from now?

Are your core values going to be on the line if you leave?

Why are you leaving?

If it’s a wise decision to leave now, then go. And don’t look back.

If it’s going to be a wiser decision to stay, then stay. Don’t let your need to constantly have perfect interactions with the people around you, hold you back from making a difference and being a problem-solver.

Make that your reputation.