Are you Obsessed with Productivity?

Do you feel like everything you put your time into, requires a return on your investment? For example:

  • you’ll only read that book if it will lead to growth in some way

  • you will only watch that show or movie if you can learn something from it

  • you’ll only engage with that person if there is something to be gained from the relationship

There’s no point in telling a perfectionist to forget about this obsessive need to be productive in all that you do. But what if you could re-frame productivity?

  • What if you read the book as an exercise in self-care?

  • Why not watch the show or movie as a way to de-stress?

  • What if, before you think about the value someone can add to your life, you think about what you can offer to them?

If you're big on ticking boxes, make sure you have boxes that are to do with nurturing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health too.

Perfectionism culture says we need to have a return on every investment, or we failed. Think counter-culturally.