On a Mission

to encourage & empower you to be a human who gives and earns countercultural respect




Because I am tired of respect only being expected to flow in an upward direction. From children to their elders. From workers to their bosses. Unfortunately, there is still a slope in many places from women to men and people of colour to white folks. And in all of this, people’s self-respect is deteriorating, along with our respect for the Earth and it’s non-human inhabitants.

We need to swim against the tide and focus our respect in a counter-cultural direction; downward. From parents to children, humans to the Earth and so on.

Nothing new here. It’s called feminism, children’s rights, anti-racism, environmentalism, etc. I am simply adding my voice to the multitude who care. And I am hoping to build a tribe of people who care about downward respect for the same reasons I do.

Every project below explores the idea of counter-cultural respect in a different way. Join the conversation in a way that suits your lifestyle. You can watch and comment on my videos or read and comment on my blogs. Let’s build a community of people who are committed to being deliberate about affording respect to those who are more vulnerable around us.

As a side-note, I like writing, hence the blog, poetry, letter-writing and upcoming book. Also, I like God, which is why there’s a section dedicated to exploring spirituality (not in the way you’d think because I’m not interested in jargon and clichés). But also because I believe the basis for showing respect and recognising one another’s dignity is that we have all been imagined, created, valued and loved by our maker.

Sneha xx

Read my Blog.

I blog about Counter-cultural Respect. And sometimes other things.

Join the Conversation.

Yup, I am now one of the millions who think they are fascinating enough to be on YouTube. And I bang on about #counterculturalrespect. I somehow manage to be super serious and lighthearted at the same time. I guess you could call it a talent.

Make plans to buy my book when it comes out. Come on people, this needs to be a bestseller. It’s all on you.

Also, it's probably going to upset a lot of traditional Indian folks. But my sincere hope is that it will empower & encourage at least a few million young Indians like me. That's only 0.002% of the population. So really, the goal is quite small, hairy & audacious. Much like the author.

Indulge in a bit of poetry.

I love getting lost in a world created by words. All of my poetry is inspired by my personal experiences. They are quite raw but the heartbeat of my poems is to help readers put words to their feelings and ultimately serve to encourage them when they’ve been through similar experiences to mine; brokenness, anxiety, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Listen to my soothing voice before bedtime.

Yet another activity I use a microphone for. If you’re interested in exploring spirituality with me, without the jargon, I invite you to listen to my podcast episodes on YouTube. Here, I talk about what I believe is the spiritual basis for my blogs and vlogs about counter-cultural respect. This is for the thinking person who wants to dig deeper when it comes to self-respect, respectful relationships and respect for nature.

This is going to be such fun.

I am so excited to launch this in February 2019. It’s a collaborative letter writing project to reignite a wonderful way to communicate. Working together, we build our skills in using words to build up, to express love, to apologise and to encourage. It’s an excellent tool if you’re at a loss for words, a fun way to get to know people online and it’s free!