Countercultural Respect

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Because I am tired of respect only being expected to flow in an upward direction. From children to their elders. From workers to their bosses. Unfortunately, there is still a slope in many places from women to men and people of colour to white folks. And in all of this, people’s self-respect is deteriorating, along with our respect for the Earth and it’s non-human inhabitants.

We need to swim against the tide and focus our respect in a counter-cultural direction; downward. From parents to children, humans to the Earth and so on.

Nothing new here. It’s called feminism, children’s rights, anti-racism, environmentalism, etc. I am simply adding my voice to the multitude who care. And I am hoping to build a tribe of people who care about downward respect for the same reasons I do.

Join the conversation in a way that suits your lifestyle. You can watch and comment on my videos or read and comment on my blogs. Let’s build a community of people who are committed to being deliberate about affording respect to those who are more vulnerable around us.

As a side-note, I like writing, hence the blog, poetry, letter-writing and upcoming book.

I believe the basis for showing respect and recognising one another’s dignity is that we have all been imagined, created, valued and loved by our maker.

Sneha xx