Brown Girl in the Ring


First, my blog was about overcoming perfectionism. Then it became about counter-cultural respect; challenging people to channel their respect downward where it has traditionally only flowed upward. Elders respecting their children. Men respecting women. Humans respecting animals and nature.

Then I realised that it all stemmed from one place; my experience as a brown woman.

I grew up resenting Indian culture for all of the restrictions it placed on me; dictating what kind of life, job, education and marriage I should have. What kind of person I should be. And whoever that was, she wasn’t allowed to fall short of perfect. I strove, all my life, to be ‘the good Indian daughter.’

But now, I am an Indian mother to my little girl. I am seeing it all over again with new eyes.

My work, for the moment, is about embracing the wonderful things about being a brown woman and speaking up about the cultural things that hold us back from being all that we were born to be. To challenge the stereotype of the ‘brown parent’ and raise my daughter to appreciate her Indian heritage but also say ‘no’ to the aspects that hold women and young people down.

It all began when I learned that India has the highest youth suicide rate in the world. And it’s worse if you’re a female. As a university student, I almost became a part of that statistic. Now, I’m standing up to it and using my writing to hopefully bring healing and hope to those who relate to me.


Yours sincerely,

Sneha xx


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