My Masterminded Plan

is to sneak into your brain and make myself comfortable between the pantry and the fridge.

Untitled design.png

As you read this, the infiltration is taking place.

Everything you see here…everything the light touches…is our kingdom. Nah just kidding. How awesome is Mufasa though?

Okay for real now. Everything you see here; my channel, my blog, etc., exists because I care about encouraging people like you in little ways.

I’m here to offer up different ways you can tweak your thinking around what culture says and help you to be counter-cultural (if that’s what you want), with regard to things like:

  • Self-worth & self-respect

  • Respectful relationships (with partners, friends, children, parents & colleagues)

  • Spirituality

  • Stewardship of our planet and it’s inhabitants; consuming ethically and minimally + treading lightly

Also, I have a goal to re-popularise 4 old school words back into mainstream vocab. They are:

  1. Honour

  2. Stewardship

  3. Sincerity

  4. Camelopard

As you were busy wondering what ‘Camelopard’ means, I finished setting the dining table in your brain. If you’d like to be a hospitable and ask me to stay, feel free to subscribe below (and to my YouTube Channel). If you’re worried about stranger danger, no probs. I have microchipped you and am sure you’ll be back soon enough.

Yours sincerely,

Sneha x